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TECH TIP : How to proactively monitor heap space usage of JAVA based probes

JMX interface allow us to access heap space metric. It is possible to enable JMX (in JAVA probes) with additional Java parameters. The approach remain probe independent while section required to modify is probe dependent. Here is an example for vmware probe. 1. Open vmware probe via...

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Why is CEM/TIM monitoring so "extremely elegant and smart" ?

Many people, especially the application people think of the Customer Experience (CE) part of the CA Application Performance Management (APM) to be very complex to setup and handle. While it is true that it may be complex to setup - the complexity however does not rely in the CE itself, but in...

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Network HealthCheck

LICENSE This is distributed under the Apache License, v2.0, January 2004.   WHAT IT IS EPAgent plugin that monitors servers and ports by ping and socket connection.   CONFIGURATION Setup the plugin as stateless with a minimum delay of 15 seconds, keeping in mind the number...

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Release Automation KB: Excessive Archive Logs Slow Performance

This article applies CA LISA Release Automation version 4.7.1 forward.   Problem   The Release Automation environment's performance slows dramatically due to a large volume of archive logs being written to the database.   Cause   Version 4.7.1 introduced the...

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For use with RHEL. Tested on RHEL 6.4. Stateless plug-in provides "df" and "iostat" information for each disk and device attached. UPDATE(5/30/14): fixes and improved readability; added POD section