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manual installation of ITCM agents on UNIX.docx

The attached document explains how to do a manual installation of CA Client Automation agents on various UNIX platforms. Please remember to always check the compatibility matrix and the prerequisites to help ensure a smooth installation experience.


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Tech Tip : "The web server returned error: Accepted" occurs when using the "Mail" option

The error "The web server returned error: Accepted" occurs when right clicking an alert in the SOI console, selecting the "Mail" option to manually send the mail.   This can occur if the Email Server settings are missing in the Administration - CA Service Operations Insight UI Server...

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Tech Tip: How to manually uninstall CABI 3.2 and 3.3

If you encounter a problem uninstalling CABI, you can use the below procedure to manually uninstall it from your system. 1. Open a command prompt and run the following command: msiexec /x (5418F914-1D31-4849-822C-314AC28B06BF)   2. Locate and delete the \CommonReporting3 folder 3....