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Tech Tip - How to check probe version in a large environment

Challenge : I would like to check probe *** version in my environment.   Example : Here is an example how to walk through 3 specific probe (colored in red) version in a large environment. These information is stored in 2 tables (CM NIMBUS ROBOT and CM NIMBUS PROBE) so we can make it...

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Tech Tip - minimal probe requirements for a DCIM implementation

Following list contains the minimal probe requirements for a basic DCIM implementation:   The robot hosting UMP requires the following probes: ace automated deployment engine (ade) data engine nas nis server relationship services sla engine wasp   Any non-primary hub uses...

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How to identify Elements using the same IP Address and Delete them on eHealth using the command line.

as the eHealth User, NH USER from the $NH HOME/bin on the command line or Terminal follow the instructions below:   1. nhListElements -where "ipAddr matches  *<ip address>*" -outFile elements.txt (this will generate the output file containing the elements name associated with...

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List of alarm Prob* ID and alarm title from Spectrum 9.2.1