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TECH TIP : How to get updated Robot native installer

In Primary HUB <UIM>/install/setup folder have variety of Robot native installers. For example   nimsoft-robot-x64.exe nimsoft-robot*.rpm   In recent UIM Server installer will not bring newer release of these installers. However you can get updated installers by...

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Tech Tip : Upgrading a connector system to 3.3

When upgrading from SOI 3.2 CU3 to SOI 3.3 CU2 on a Spectrum connector system using the the ‘soi-installer.exe’ from the SOI 3.3 DVD, I receive the error message below. .   "Invalid Installation Attempt Wrong Installer Cannot upgrade version to ...

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Zero Touch Deployment of CA Release Automation 4.7

     The Attached document contains details on how to deploy CA Release Automation 4.7 using the supplied silent installer mechanisms and an overview of the product architecture.        Please add any comment if you find this document useful or...