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Tech Tip: How to change Alert Queue Name

Problem: -- I have create Alert Queue named 'XYZ' with some criteria and has some escalation policies attached to it. Now for some reason I want to change queue name to 'ABC' but it is not possible from UI. Solution : -- You can not change queue name from console directly. But as a...

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CA Tuesday Tip: (CA 11)  Identifying modified CA 11 User Exits

CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Tuesday Tip by Alisa Puckett, Sr. Support Engineer for Jan 6, 2015     With PTF RO67064 you can identify any user exits that have been modified.  Prior to this PTF there was not a way to determine if a CA 11 User exit...

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Tech Tip: How do I delete one element from Data Aggregator

In CAPC, under Monitored Devices, choose the search field. Put your device name in the search field. Click on the search button. Now you will see the device name with a check box next to it. Check it and click on delete. Or right click and choose delete. This device will be removed...