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CA Harvest SCM Client/CA Harvest SCM Server Communication Overview and Configuration Tips

Attention CA Harvest SCM administrators! Are you optimizing your CA Harvest SCM Client / Server communication? How do you know?   Watch this replay of our May 2016 community webcast to explore both RTSERVER and RTCLIENT, review configuration information and help guide you to a higher...

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CA Harvest SCM Upgrade: Installation and OS Considerations

This is a video replay of our April 13, 2016 CA Harvest Community webcast by the same name. It covered installation tips and tricks and OS considerations for a successful CA Harvest SCM Upgrade.

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Webcast Replay: PEER Review Feature - Code collaboration [Mar 9th]

An overview and demonstration of the collaborative code review capability accessible via the CA Harvest SCM User Interface.   Presenter - Ganesh Agrawal

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Enterprise DevOps | Application Interaction

All, a number of customers have found this useful for visualising the Business Layers for Enterprise DevOps and how this translates into Application Interaction for the underlying CA product-set. Feel free to use as a reference, else get in touch if you would like to re-use.


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RPM Packages Required for Harvest Agent

This document applies to CA Harvest 12.x agent installation on Linux (Redhat and SUSE) platforms.   The following is a list of rpm packages (containing libraries) required for Harvest agent:   pam-1.1.1-20.el6.i686 ncurses-libs-5.7-3.20090208.el6.i686 compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-69...

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"Comparison method violates its general contract" Error when Opening a Folder on Agent

CA Harvest 12.5   You may get this inetermittent error when trying to open a folder on a Harvest agent on AIX platforms:   "Comparison method violates its general contract"   A possible solution is to add the below parameter in the workbench.ini file in the client install...

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DevOps Maturity Model - ARIA Technologies

This is ARIA Technologies ' visualisation of what the Enterprise DevOps Capability & Maturity Model looks like; from this, one can see where certain tooling sits within the DevOps topology (specifically Harvest).