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SSL Certificate Notifier

Checks certs on Windows server and notifies users via email if a certificate is going to expire within the specified timeframe.

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Windows WMI Perfmon Monitor

Hi if you need to collect windows wmi metrics and publish it to EM through EPAgent you will find the attached plugin helpful. This plugin runs as a statefull epagent that continuously queries for WMI metrics. The WMI metrics can be specified using the XML file. The xml gives you lot of...

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Network HealthCheck

LICENSE This is distributed under the Apache License, v2.0, January 2004.   WHAT IT IS EPAgent plugin that monitors servers and ports by ping and socket connection.   CONFIGURATION Setup the plugin as stateless with a minimum delay of 15 seconds, keeping in mind the number...

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Parse nested JSON Objects passed in HTTP requests and/or responses and create parameters which CEM can match/record. Note: HTTP Header "Content-type" must contain the keyword "json" or the plugin will ignore it.

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Duanes Incident Timer calc

//  Duanes Incident Timer Calc // //  This script is used to create a string field (and metric) that indicates how long an "incident" has been going on, and can display it on a live dashbaord // // metrics will appear under the Custom Metric Host, under a tab called "Alert timer" ...

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Enhanced GC Monitor for IBM J9 VM

Enhanced GC Monitor for IBM J9 VM     Author: Hiko Davis, CA Technologies     WHAT IT IS   This is a modified version of the CA APM GC Monitor. When installed, it will retain the look and feel of the original, but provides some additional memory pools and...

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WebView startup script for *nix

NOTE: This is being tagged as "fieldpack" to make it easier for everyone to find and not because it's custom code.   Download, extract, rename the extension to ".sh", change the the permissions to O+RX.