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Tech Tips - UIM vmware probe template : VM name based "OR" example using regex

if you want to use template to apply some selective VMs but you need to use "OR" like expression, here is an example.   example you want to apply template VM name (label) contains "2008r2", "2012r2" and "2016"   Label [Condition] Regex [Value] .*2008r2.*|.*2012r2.*|.*2016.* &...

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Agent recording example using Weblogic Medrec Application.pdf

Agent Recording for CEM (no TIM) example steps. UPDATES: Jan 11 2016: Warn about JVM running on IPv6 instead of IPv4 requiring change in Client IP Address Filter for the recording Jan 12 2016: Explain in more detail about transaction boundaries when using agent recording. Add in Guenter's pbd...