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Tech Tips - UIM snmpcollector empty template

Hi, Team. Let me share an   empty   template file in snmpcollector probe. It will save your time when you want to build your custom templates. Steps to deploy.   1. Deactivate snmpcollector probe. 2. Copy this file to <snmpcollector>/bulk config/templates 3....

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Logging into CA SAM, the following message is returned 'database is empty!'

Possible causes for this message. The database tables are empty (newly created for an installation and does not contain any tables yet). The CA SAM  application's DB user has no permission to access any tables. The database tables have been erroneously deleted .   Resolution: &...

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Tech Tip: Connector Controls & Connection details doesn't show for any connector in SOI Dashboard

Environment: SOI Version 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 Problem: SOI Manager, UI & Connector(s) installation went fine, but Connector Controls & Connection Details page is blank in SOI Dashboard   Solution: This happens when AMQ Port 61616 is blocked between UI to SOI...

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Tech Tip: Upgrade from to unable to complete after uninstall

After an uninstall of NFA and during the performance of a subsequent installation you get an error similar to:   Upgrade from to cannot be completed   This is due to the fact that the uninstall did not remove the reporter database during the uninstall process. &...