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Tech Tips: DevTest License with MAC Address has Error Starting Enterprise Dashboard

License Requirements Upgrading to DevTest 10.x To upgrade to DevTest 10.3 or 10.4, you must request a new license file. A new license file does not change your existing licensing model. Renew a Current License When you renew your current license, the new licensing model...

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Tech Tips: DevTest Third-Party Files

To use DevTest Solutions with various third-party applications, you must make JAR files from the third-party application available to DevTest.   Broadcom does not provide the third-party files that are listed below:   ActiveMQ Apache Kafka JCAPS JMS Messaging Oracle OC4J ...

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Tech Tips: Explanation of nio properties used DevTest

We have some properties used in DevTest but are not always shown in the or  Below are three that will need to get set to different values on occasion.   lisa.vse.tcp.uses.nio=true lisa.vse.plain.tcp.uses.nio=false lisa.vse.ssl.tcp.use.nio=false &...

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Tech Tips: Suite Document - List Test dialog is not Listing All Test Cases

Issue: Not able to see all of the test cases from the List Tests within the Suite document.   Bring up a Suite document and it will not display all of the test cases when the List Tests push button is clicked from the Basics tab.   The Suite has 45 test cases and only 37 display...

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Tech Tips: Need identification of DevTest database table/columns that may contain classified data

Question: In order to comply with my companies Data Management requirements we need to identify database tables/columns within the DevTest created instances which may contain test data inputs and outputs - requests/responses as well as user info/password data in order to classify them as...

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Tech Tips: Defining LDAP Group Settings in IAM - Only Sync if you Need all Groups

As per our documentation for DevTest 10.3.0 and 10.4.0:   The Group Settings tab lets you define the LDAP groups that you want to pull into Identity and Access Manager.   Follow these steps:   Click the Group Settings tab. Enter the details for your LDAP group...

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Tech Tips: All DevTest Components Must Have Access to Registry Database

Communication Requirements   Ensure that your firewall allows DevTest Solutions to send and receive network transmissions.   The functionality that DevTest Solutions provides requires access to network resources and will not work properly if blocked by a firewall. Authorize...

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Tech Tips: Version of Firefox to use with Selenium delivered with DevTest

Below is a list of DevTest Versions and the Version of Firefox to use based on the Selenium jars we deliver with each version.     DevTest      Firefox      Selenium Version       Version     we deliver ...

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Tech Tips: DevTest Using Resource Groups with LDAP/LDAPs

You should only create Resource Groups for those users that need the limited access. This example of for use of Resource Groups with 3 VSEs with the role of SV Power. Create 3 new roles, make a copy of SV Power: SV Power1 SV Power2 SV Power3 The Users that need access to only VSE1,...