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Tech Tip:  Get mapping of device inventory and its producing probe and robot

sometimes decommissioned ip device still visible in USM and you don't know which robot / probe is source producing that device inventory data. here is an example sql to get to know the map.   select a.origin, c.robot,, b.probe name, c.address from CM COMPUTER SYSTEM a INNER JOIN...

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Tech Tip : Upgrade to 2.4 or 2.4.1 requires a script to be run if you have custom certifications or CA Mediation Manager device packs

It is documented in the README that a script needs to be run but details on the script and how to run are not included. The script will be in the location where you unpack the .tar installation file for the DA/DR.   Certification Migration Tool Upgrading to a new version of Data...

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Tech Tip: Device reconciliation in Data Aggregator

There are times when a device in a network is retired or decommissioned.   Often times the IP address that the retired or decommissioned device used is issued to a new device in the network.   That new device may or may not necessarily be the direct replacement for the old retired...