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Tech Tips: Creating and Configuring Multiple Simulators on the Same Linux Machine

This example is on Linux.   Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService2 Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService3 Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService4   You will then create new vmoptions files for SimulatorService2, SimulatorService3 and SimulatorService4 and put...

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Tech Tip: Create Ticket Action fails with error "Create ticket error........"

Problem: - We are trying to create ticket to ServiceNow but geting error " "Create ticket error - java.lang.NullPointerexception " Solution: - You need to turn on the "ITPAM WS Client" debug on the SOIMGR debug controller to get more detail on the error message. The following error was...

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Tech Tip: How to delete CI created by USM Web View

For some business reason you might have to create CI in USM Web View. But it can not be deleted by the same way it works for other connectors (Remove connector and all CI will be deleted). To delete CI created by USM WebView steps are: - Login to USM Web View - Click on 'Browse by CI Type' - In...

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Tech Tip: Service Discovery won't create new Services

When adding a lot of Service Discover rules the Services are not being created. If you review the \SOI\log\service-discovery.log you will see errors:   ERROR [dataLoaderScheduler4-1] servicediscovery.ServiceDiscovery - scanForRulesChanges(). java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space &...

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Tech Tip: Consider Ext4 filesystem for Linux Harvester

Due to the way that NFA stores its data in a 2 tier system, you may want to consider configuring your Linux installation with Ext4 file systems to avoid the 32k subdirectory limit of Ext3.   When reaching this limit in a Ext3 environment you will notice that newly added interfaces will...