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Tech Tip: Nomsoft Alerts stopped Coming to Console

Problem: Alerts from Nimsoft are not showing up on the console. If we recycle the connector/catalyst container the alerts do get publish but the alert disappear from the queues and after sometime the alerts would appear again. This was happening continuously.   Solution: The log...

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tech tips - A basic guide for configuring snmpcollector

The attached file is a brief guide on how to setup and configure monitoring with snmpcollector. It goes through the basic steps on initial setup, creating templates, and applying monitors.


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Remove VC from VAIM all VMs disappear

Hi   Just some quick advice.   After removing the vcenter server from vaim console all the vms are also removed from the VAIM console.   Please note this is expected behaviour.     Kind Regards Barb    

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Tech Tip: Add a column to the SOI consoles Cleared Alert History

The Cleared Alert History display columns can be configured in the SOI console. To configure the available columns go to the SOI UI server and edit the \SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\WEB-INF \sam\config\table-alarmhistory -config.xml file. To add Add User Attribute 1 update the column list to...

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SOI Tech Tips: SOI Console Application not starting on Client

SOI 3.2 and SOI 3.3   When the "Maximum client memory usage (megabytes) value in SOI Admin UI - UI Server Configuration - JNLP Configuration is increased to a value greater than 1024, for example 1280, the SOI Console application on Client PCs that have Java 64 bit version 1.8 installed...

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Tech Tip: The "Information Tab" in the SOI console is grayed out for some Alerts

Alerts where the CI is not managed by being part of a Service will not have this tab enabled. This tab contains information when the Alerts CI is part of a Service such as Maintenance schedules an Service Level Agreements.

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Tech Tip : How to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI

NOTE:  Before editing any files, always make a backup of those files. Here are the steps to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI.   Spectrum Connector version needs to be at least On the Spectrum connector system: 1) Stop CA SAM Integration Services...

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Tech Tip: No users found in SOI Console

Problem: SOI is integrated with EEM and EEM is fetching users from SiteMinder. In EEM UI, we can find all users but these users do not find in SOI Console.   Solution: The problem is due to SOI Manager Configuration Page & UI Manager configuration page has different EEM Server names...