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Tech Tip - Configuring CA PAM for Credential Management Emails

Several Credential Management options may be configured to interact with your email system.  For example, you may configure your Password View Policy to send email Notifications or to implement Dual Authorization.  The attached document demonstrates how to set this up.  If you...


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Tech Tips: Creating and Configuring Multiple Simulators on the Same Linux Machine

This example is on Linux.   Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService2 Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService3 Copy SimulatorService to SimulatorService4   You will then create new vmoptions files for SimulatorService2, SimulatorService3 and SimulatorService4 and put...

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tech tips - A basic guide for configuring snmpcollector

The attached file is a brief guide on how to setup and configure monitoring with snmpcollector. It goes through the basic steps on initial setup, creating templates, and applying monitors.


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Tech Tip: Add a column to the SOI consoles Cleared Alert History

The Cleared Alert History display columns can be configured in the SOI console. To configure the available columns go to the SOI UI server and edit the \SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\WEB-INF \sam\config\table-alarmhistory -config.xml file. To add Add User Attribute 1 update the column list to...