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Tech Tip: When importing the signed certificate into the jetty keystore on CAPC make sure to use the correct alias

1. List the alias of the existing keypair in the jetty keystore:   <installDirectory>/jre/bin/keytool -list -keystore <installDirectory>/PerformanceCenter/jetty/etc/keystore -storepass <keystorePassword>   Example:         &...

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TECH TIP: DbMigrate threw an exception on upgrading from PRE 2.3.3 version of Infrastructure Management

On a pre-2.3.3 Performance Center installation where Anomaly Detector data source was added, upgrading to 2.3.3 could result in a MigrateDb error during upgrade, like the following   Status: FATAL ERROR Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR - class

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TECH TIP PM 2.x Interfaces are "Inactive" on the Data Aggregator and the SNMP Poll Rate is set to "true-null"

In this scenario the SNMP Poll Rate for a device's interfaces will be set to "true-null"  if the network interfaces monitoring profile, or some variation of that profile, was associated to the collection that owned the device, and then it was subsequently dis-associated with the collection....

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TECH TIP: PM 2.x "403 Forbidden" error when attempting to run REST queries against CAPC

When attempting to run REST querie against CAPC as an LDAP or SAML user produces a "403 Forbidden" error.   The "403 forbidden" error means the following:  "The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be...

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Tech Tip PM 2.4 Unexpected error: 500: Property missing: /form/daily

This error can be seen when attempting to add devices to a discovery profile.  To get past this error you should clear your cache and then close and reopen the browser.  You should now be able to successfully add devices to a discovery profile and save it

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Tech Tip: When are discovery profiles evaluated on the Data Aggregator

The SNMP version/profile is determined during the initial inventory discovery. Once it is determined, the SNMP profile won’t be changed unless the profile no longer works (as in we stop getting SNMP responses from the device during poling or rediscovery)   When the SNMP...

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Tech Tip: NPC - 'Copy Report' fails

When trying to copy a report via > upper right corner > More > Copy Report, it fails with the error page in this image.   To correct this go to NPC > Admin > Roles > Select the Role which the user is a part of and then click Edit. Under ‘Report Menu:’ it...


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Tech Tip: Cannot get hourly samples beyond 33 days in CAPC Dashboard Views

There is a role to enable higher resolution on dashboards but only applies to the 30 days or less time range. This will allow you to do 5 minute for 30 days, for example. But above 30 days, only the system defaults are available. Below are the default resolution values available CA...

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Tech Tips - "Leap Second" Impact on NetQoS:

TecDoc ID:TEC1313756   CA Development has confirmed that we should not anticipate any problems on or around June 30, 2015 relating to the "Leap Second" clock adjustment .  A leap second is added on the last day of June or the last day of December as dictated by the IERS ...

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Tech Tip NPC 'Generate URL' results in no NV data found.

This works fine for top level views but can fail to show data for views reached via a drill down.   The work around is to manually edit the URL before sending it to the end user.   Get the URL from the report page showing the view you want to generate the URL for. For example: ...