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CA SDM - BREL - window - retrieving information

function loadActions() (   //alert("oi");   var setinp=window.document.main form.elements["ref num"];   //persid do ztrabalho - gerado novo ID quando New     var vpersid = "$args.persistent id";   ///toda URL   var vdocloc = document.location; &...

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SPEL: Object update

Description: SPEL code is a powerful tool to reach any goals but it still not documented. So most of it is written by trial and errors. So here I want to share my resolution for most common action: Update one object caused by another. Here is my latest version of function to make it (Entire...

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Translate Help files to Brazilian Portuguese - Arquivos de Ajuda CA Service Desk 12.7 em português - help.rar

How to do ( Steps) : 1. Unzziped files 2. Rename folder bopcfg\www\wwwroot\help for a backup purposes 3. Copy these unzipped files to bopcfg\www\wwwroot\help obs: This change will modify help for all roles. -- Como traduzir uma implementação de Inglês...