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AHD50060 Database check FAILED

AHD50060: Database check FAILED AHD50060:ERROR en la comprobación de la base de datos AHD50060:FALHA na verificação do banco de dados.     Symptom: backup and restore database   Solution:

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. getenv

getenv Method to return a string within a environment variable. string getenv(string str) It can be used to retrieve a variable that has been previously stored by the setenv function. A variable defined at run time with the setenv function can be accessed at any time inside or...

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. Upcase

Upcase   Overview Spell function converting string to a uppercase (coverts all characters in string to uppercase) Usage <source lang="javascript"> string upcase(string attr); </source> attr - any string Results Returns converted string. Examples <source...

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. abs2work

Workshift abs2work Details USD utilizes workshifts and sometimes it is useful to be able to determine times within a workshift. int workshift abs2work(string workshift, date start, date finish) Returns the time in seconds from the start date to the finish date for the given...