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Tech Tip: Connector Controls & Connection details doesn't show for any connector in SOI Dashboard

Environment: SOI Version 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 Problem: SOI Manager, UI & Connector(s) installation went fine, but Connector Controls & Connection Details page is blank in SOI Dashboard   Solution: This happens when AMQ Port 61616 is blocked between UI to SOI...

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Tech Tip: SNMP Connector failed to start

SOI 3.3 SNMP Connector   Problem : The SNMP Connector doesn't come online and status in the Dashboard showing as " snmp policy.xml failed schema validation "   Solution : This is due to corrupt snmp policy file, open the .xml file in a browser it would show an exception... &...

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Tech Tip: SOI - CABI reports failing with "Proxy Error"

Question: When trying to run the report live Ad-hoc they fail with below error...the status shows "running" for few minutes then this error occurs.      Proxy Error        The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream...


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Tech Tip: SOI 3.2 DB Maintenance Scripts

Can we use SOI 3.1 DB Maintenance SQL Scripts in SOI 3.2?   Ans) Yes, we can continue to use SOI 3.1 DB Maintenance Scripts in 3.2 or use Soitoolbox