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DX Application Performance Management 20.2 Now Generally Available!

We’re proud to announce the general availability of the combined release of DX Application Performance Management and DX Operational Intelligence 20.2. We have made it a priority to modernize our solution so that it can best meet the challenges our enterprise customers are facing. This...

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Community Hidden Gems: Followers and Following

Introduction So, for several months I've done a series of blogs on how to create and maintain a vibrant community. And during the same time, our APM Community has become a little more active. But I see one area that each of us may consider changing to enrich ourselves and this community. ...

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How does a TIM worker get its traffic ?

On all TIM's 9.7+,The captured network communication flow is handled by apmpacket (on the High performance TIM) or nqcapd (on the MTP). Its function is very simple. It will get data from a network device or capture-card, and distribute the network communications based on a load-balancing...