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Policy Repository: Substring

A simple policy that allows extraction of a substring To use:   Open policy manager and create a test service Download the attached file and import the XML file into your new service Modify these variables as needed: STRING : The string to extract the substring from START : The...

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Policy Repository: Sanitize JSON Body of special characters

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove special, non alpha-numeric characters, from JSON values. This policy uses a combination of RegEx and JSON path expressions to accomplish this.   I.e: ( "value": "This is a test message ' with special characters $30 " )   To use: 1)...

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Configure MySQL Replication to use SSL

By default the CA API Gateway does not enable SSL traffic for MySQL replication. The following instructions outline the configurations necessary to enable MySQL SSL replication in an existing Gateway cluster.    To configure MySQL Replication to use SSL   ...