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Precision API Monitoring v3.1, from CA Technologies

  You work for a financial infrastructure and trading firm. It’s a small business, but the microwave towers you’ve deployed add up to microseconds of an advantage for your trading clients. Online retailers can afford seconds worth of lag before they declare problems; for you it...

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Customizing the Default Inbound Connection Timeout Limit

Introduction   The CA API Gateway ("Gateway") will close a TCP connection if it has been open for a certain period without any data being received. This is considered a connection timeout . The Gateway will close inbound connections after 60 seconds of the initial connection if no...

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ssg.sql doesn't exist in 8.3 (and higher)

HI there ..   If you have a question like this : Where is /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/config/etc/sql/upgrade 8.2.00-8.3.00.sql for the 8.2-8.3 upgrade?   than here is some info for you   In 8.2 and lower, there was a base ssg.sql file located here (along with some upgrade sql...