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Coming Soon: CA Mainframe Workload Automation Community

As you probably know by now, Broadcom's acquisition of CA Technologies has been completed. As part of the transition and changes, we will be making some changes to how the former CA portfolio is organized, including separating the products currently in this community between the new...

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] Extend the reach of your CA Workload Automation solution to schedule Informatica and Database Workloads

This Tech Talk will provide an overview of the capabilities of the CA Workload Automation Informatica and Database Agents and demonstrate the Informatica, SQL, Stored Procedure, Database Monitor and Database Trigger job types.

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How to Deactivate UAC in Windows 2012

Deactivating UAC in Windows 2008 R2 was possible via running msconfig, going to the Tools tab and launching "Change UAC settings".   There, you select "Never notify" to disable UAC.   The same approach is still available in Windows Server 2012, though UAC is still active after you...

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Tech Tip: How to run a 16-bit program using the 11.3.x SystemAgent.

Older 16-bit applications can hang the NTVDM subsystem in Windows when executed via the newer 11.3 SystemAgent. This results in an initial job run for a 16-bit application succeeding, while subsequent runs fail due to the hanging NTVDM. Hanging NTVDM processes must be killed before any “16...

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Jobs failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A

Some jobs are failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A ;  w hat does it mean?     Globally speaking, Exit Code 0xC000013A means that the application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C or  closing command prompt window     With Autosys, It might ...

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HTTP job  fails with plugin error.

Runnig a HTTP job using WAAE 11.3.x   If you received the following error: .... <No such plugin> [*** ALARM ***] JOBFAILURE .....   This because the http job type needs "CA Workload Automation Agent for Application Services" to be installed.      

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Running jobs from Autosys using SAP adapter.

Question: --   It is possible to code a parmater within the job command in Autosys that will then use a calendar with SAP to determine if it should run.   Exemple:   A job is scheduled every day from Autosys. It refers to a calendar in SAP. This calendar only has some...

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Accurate and Complete Information Collection

  One of the biggest problems in resolving any issue is information collection. When there is a production down situation collecting accurate and complete information on time is of paramount importance. How to standardize document collection process for all the clients?   ...