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Unified NetOps Explained

This CA/Broadcom "Unified NetOps Explainer" video details our journey to unify the CA network monitoring products into a single NetOps tool and across multiple roles. CA is proud to be improving our customer’s network awareness while reducing the amount of point tools they need to do...

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Data Collector Upgrade and Enhanced System Status for CA Performance Management 3.5

A primary goal of CA Performance Management 3.5 is to improve overall system supportability by simplifying internal status retrieval and maintenance workflows. This video examines two new features of version 3.5 which target this goal: enhanced Data Collector upgrade capabilities and an updated...

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CA Spectrum Alarms View in CA Performance Management 3.5

The video introduces the Alarms View, which allows you to view and manage CA Spectrum alarms from CA Performance Center. The alarms view lets you quickly focus on the most impactful problems in your monitored environment.

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Device Type Enhancements for CA Performance Management 3.5

This video shows how CA Performance Management 3.5 extends the number of available types and the methods in which typing can customize the presentation of data.

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From a single  dashboard within the Network Operations and Analytics platform from CA Technologies, triage full-stack network performance issues related to end-user experience and critical application degradation across traditional, SDN, packet and flow analysis and REST

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Predictive Network Behavior

Predictive Network Behavior is the powerful integration of Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies and Netrounds Active Testing enabling users to predict and validate the performance of applications and services in environments where network managers often struggle to gain adequate...