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The Quick—and Lasting—Value of Out-of-the-Box IdM Customizations

As organizations enter emerging markets by acquiring companies that are successful in those markets, the burden falls to IT departments to introduce new services, maintain security and reduce costs by integrating and streamlining operations, all while onboarding acquired employees. Often, that...

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4 Tips for Maximizing IDM Value and Minimizing Blood, Sweat and Tears

In a leading market survey, 66% of IT security officers stated that their identity and access management processes were too manual and insufficiently automated. This indicates that many organizations get less than full value from their identity management (IDM) solution.   As a CA...

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How to troubleshoot Connector Server

Try to access the IAM Connector Server UI on HTTP://JCS HOST:20080/main Credentials to Connector Server UI: Default username: Admin Password: <Should be same password as provisioning manager>     If you can't access that site please attempt the following. 1)...

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Identity Portal endorsed folder

In version 12.6.6 of Identity Portal the endorsed folder was copied manually to the application server. In 12.6.7 version, the installer was supposed to do this automatically so this step is not documented. However, the installer is not performing this action and the manual step is still...