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RE: How does SaaS upgrades work?

Hi Lynn, Could you please reply privately to this message with your Rally username (and email address)? I will get you added to the Rally Subscription Administrators group, which is where all this communication occurs with more details. There's also a session planned for administrators for this...

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How does SaaS upgrades work?

New to Rally -- we are SaaS. Support told me I had to ask this question int he communities, which I find off, but oh well :) I was advised that a new release was coming out ~ Nov 18. 1. How does Broadcom upgrade SaaS clients? If we have one "instance" with a few workspaces, how do we test...

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My company just upgraded to 15.4 and would like upgrade again in the next couple months to 15.6. I am looking for some feedback as to the amount of time, cost and effort for an upgrade. Is there anyone that can provide some approx details on this type of an effort, during our upgrade (13.2 to...

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12.0.1 to 12.1.1 Upgrade: Error while starting Worker Process

#workloadautomation #upgrade #12.1.1 #workerprocess Hi, I followed the documentation to upgrade our 12.0.1 to 12.1.1. Stopped all the clients Stopped all the agents(wasn't mentioned in the document) Backed up AutomationEngine, ServiceManager, Utilities of 12.0.1 Configured the 12.1.1...