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JasperSoft Integration Issue

Folks, My diligent co-worker BAE-Mark has discovered this w/ the help of someone from CA's JasperSoft group... -- CA tech support advises that Spectrum 10.2 is not compatible with our current version of JasperSoft (6.1). Spectrum requires JasperSoft version 6.3. Our current SOI version (4.0...

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Re: SDM fields to ticket create

Good day everyone, Has anyone solve this topic? Because right now we´re trying to create in SDM Incidents tickets from SOI Alerts and the Requested by field it doesn't fill with the user name. Thanks a lot for the information you can provide about it. #soi4.2 #soiaction #soiintegrations ...

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RE: WSSamServiceCmd command doesn't work after upgrade to SOIv4.2

environment b/c I have a SOI-SNOW integration