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workflow task based on available & not available

Hi Team Is it possible to trigger more than one workflow on a same Request ticket?

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How to use Split function in Spel Code

For example: I have the original string variable as: twostrings = Consult ticket 02 ; string resume; //and the function split as: split(resume, twostrings, " "); So the result it will be: resume = Consult ticket ; But if I want to use the other part of the split result: 02 , how I do it?

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Modify Field "Comments" in Unified Self Service (USS)

But this area does not specifically indicate that the annexes can be added there but only indicates the text " Comments ", therefore, what is desired is to modify this text so that it says " Comment and attachments " so that it is more visible to the user than load the new application or ticket in question