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Change Calendar search Requests

I would like to use the change calendar function to allocate Requests instead of change orders, is this possible? #customiztaion #request #change #calendar

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Security hash only calculated on original request?

Hi all, On our #apigateway* Version 9.1 I want to add an HMAC-MD5 #hashvalue to a processing instruction in a #activerequest Then the request will be routed to a backend service. I added the processing instruction using a #xsltransformation and then use the #generatesecurityhash assertion...

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Mail configuration, not autheticated...?

Hello vibrant community, I am having an issue with the Mail configuration of Service Catalog. I have tried entering the hostname and the ip address of the email server. The user used for authentication can logon to the server and send email to itself. Furthermore, I have tried adjusting these...

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