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Deafult transformation maps not working properly

Hi, I'm trying to implement a combination of Datamaker masking functions with default Oracle SQL. In Datamaker default projects there are few transformations defined in the following way: (Project: StoreFront, Version: Release 1) However, above transformations are not interpreted correctly...

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Re: Automic's plans for Java commercialization?

I noticed the change to the wording a few months ago, and raised the issue internally. I do not know whether we will switch to OpenJDK or purchase a license, but either way, the impact is going to be substantial. If customers are to run CA's various Java-based components without purchasing a...

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Re: SQL Job Error Message: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ocijdbc11 (Not found in java.library.path)

I fixed the problem. The solution and explanation follow. The SQL Agent requires that the JDBC driver JAR file be installed in the jdbc subdirectory of the directory containing the SQL Agent JAR file ucxjsqlx.jar . It is not sufficient to place the JDBC JAR somewhere else and include that...

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Re: entries for connecting to 2 node oracle RAC cluster?

I have the following APM Enterprise Version installed : (Build 990300) on RHEL 7.2 (x64) I have downloaded the attached package and copied the respective files to the original Oracle power pack agent installed location. Once I start the agent service, I see the following error in...