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how can i enter value dynamically while lisa is running a test?

monika mehta , DirkBleyenberg roble04 - Guys would appreciate if you spare some time and commented on this thread. -Regards, Shashank ************************************** Like if a service triggers an email with some kind of code which goes as input for next service? I did introduce...

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I am trying to assert expected values in an excel against the actual values contained inside a json response in our project. We use array type to access the elements inside a json response. Trying to assert excel against json, so far unsuccessful.

#monikamehta4453146 For Example, a part of the json response looks like this: ( "Incentives": [ ( "given": true, "Type": "Universe/CUSTOMER/CUSTOMER", "Incentive Request desc": "REQUEST MSISDN BLOCK" ), ( " given ": true, " Type ": "Universe/CUSTOMER/CUSTOMER", " Incentive Request Desc ": ...