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Jenkins Plugin marks the build as failed for successful tests

I am using CA DevTest v:10.3 and setup a Jenkins pipeline to run the tests. Using Jenkins I am able to deploy the virtual services and executed the tests. But after the execution of the tests, the Jenkins marked the build as failed for the passed tests. Please see this Jenkins log: 20:41:39...

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Sharepoint UI to Autosys - RestAPI Webservice POST method

#sharepoint2010 #webservicesrest #restapi #postmethod #sharepointintegration #sharepoint integration with autosys We are migrating jobs from SOS (Scheduler) to Autosys 11.3.6. SP6 The existing scheduler SOS have Sharepoint UI developed, in order to trigger some specific jobs in SOS - (Like...

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Tech Tip: fix for when Access Gateway returns redirect to HTTP: rather than HTTPS:

Summary : Sometimes CA SSO Access Gateway (Ag) can return a 302 redirect to a HTTP (port 80) location, when a HTTPS (port 443) location was expected. In Access Gateway Apache mod headers module can be used to fix the returned Location: header - as explained below. Issue : ...

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Getting Jira "Issue Links" info into AC

I'm performing a data migration from Jira to AC and my customer would like to retain some of the information on issue linking As far as I can read the CA EIF does not support linking objects, but is it possible to get "Issue Links" information from Jira into an AC field, could be a custom...

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Integration of CA SDM with JIRA Service Desk

Hello, How do we connect CA SDM with JIRA Service Desk? We would like to log tickets in CA SDM and pass it to JIRA Service desk to create a request in JIRA SD and may be get the status from JIRA SD and update CA SDM. Has anybody tried this integration? #jiraintegration Thanks, vivekaries

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Mail configuration, not autheticated...?

Hello vibrant community, I am having an issue with the Mail configuration of Service Catalog. I have tried entering the hostname and the ip address of the email server. The user used for authentication can logon to the server and send email to itself. Furthermore, I have tried adjusting these...

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