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Red Hat 7 Gateways?

Is there a Red Hat 7 os version of the Appliance Gateway? If not is there a planned release date for it? #gateway #redhat7

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backups on api gateway 9.3

Does the standard backup procedure for API GATEWAY 9.3 via browser or command line performs backup for additional installed plugin like oath tool kit ? will appreciate if some can update on this since it's not specified in the formal documentation, #releaseautomationapigateway #apimanagement

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Re: Need to change default DigestMethod's SHA 256 algorithm of Security Signature ?

Hi, I am also having similar question. There is a further question about using SHA2 Digest Algorithm. Is it supported by CA API gateway 9.20? I can't find it in the dropdown of "Signature Digest Algorithm". #caapigateway9.2 I can't see/find ...

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Security hash only calculated on original request?

Hi all, On our #apigateway* Version 9.1 I want to add an HMAC-MD5 #hashvalue to a processing instruction in a #activerequest Then the request will be routed to a backend service. I added the processing instruction using a #xsltransformation and then use the #generatesecurityhash assertion...

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How to obtain concise list via API or GMU for all Policies/endpoints that exists on a Gateway

I believe there are ways to retrieve a list of all APIs/Endpoints/Policies via WSMan, RestMAN, or GMU. Can anyone provide sample request XML used to obtain a list of the APIs using one or all of these methods? Thanks, Richard Fair #caapigateway9.2 #apidevportal4.1 #productdocumentation ...