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Infrastructure requirements for CA TDM

To deploy the tool into our machine what are the infrastructure requirements for CA TDM?

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DevTest Portal Improvements in 10.2

The purpose of this document is to describe the usability related improvements made to Portal in DevTest 10.2


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10.5 java agent for websphere portal server 8.5

Does anyone have good instructions for the 10.5 java agent install/configuration for Webster portal server 8.5?

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servicedesk single sign with IIS windows authentication

In our old servicedesk, it is working fine but since we migrated to 17.2 version and we have enabled iis windows authentication but still when access the portal it goes to login page

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Fields Visibility on specific Request Areas

We have some particular custom fields which should only be visible when Request Area is (USB Access) or (Intenet Access) Below we have custom fields on detail cr.htmpl (employee) <PDM MACRO name=dtlHier hdr="Sites" attr="zSite"> <PDM MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Portal Login" attr="zPortalLogin"> The above 2 fields should be visible when user select request area "USB Access" or "Internet Access". for Only these 2 Request areas the above fields should be visible otherwise not

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How to obtain concise list via API or GMU for all Policies/endpoints that exists on a Gateway

I believe there are ways to retrieve a list of all APIs/Endpoints/Policies via WSMan, RestMAN, or GMU. Can anyone provide sample request XML used to obtain a list of the APIs using one or all of these methods? Thanks, Richard Fair #caapigateway9.2 #apidevportal4.1 #productdocumentation ...

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Apache reverse proxy with CA USS

I had configured the integration URL in CA USS for CA SC succesfully, but the problem I got is when I'm trying to get login into CA USS with URL server1/web/frontoffice from the 80 port the page redirects to the original port of CA USS which is port2 like: http://server2:port2/web/frontoffice and the browser error is: This site can’t be reached In the apache logs portal access said: ***.***.***.server1 - - [22/Feb/2019:17:40:30 -0300] "POST /web/frontoffice/login?