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PPM New UX Status Report not updating

I am working with the #cappmnewux in 15.4.1 and I have created a project, assigned a resource to the tasks from a template through the resourcing and also submitted and posted a timesheet. The project has actuals as shown with this screenshot When I go and create a status report, I can see...

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CA PPM 15.3 - GEL SCRIPT - parsing xml variable

Hello everyone, I can not find a way to deal with the different labels of a XML structure. After executing an #cappmnsql query sb ctrl carga horas : <!-- Generation xog--> < gel: parse var = " xmlQuery " > < q: Query xmlns: q = " " ...

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New to CA Spectrum?[1]

I recently met a few people at #caworld2014 who were not aware of some helpful resources for #spectrum9.4.1 If you are new to #caspectrum - Here are 8 great resources to help you get started


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What's New in CA Spectrum 9.4.1

View this presentation by kiran diwakar to learn what's new in the latest release of #caspectrum !...*This new version now includes a slide on Updated Certifications with links to relevant material


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New format for Privileged Access Manager learning path

In order to improve this experience for you, we have developed a new, interactive learning path format on that enables you to easily find the training you need, when and where you need it. This new format is now available for four CA product learning paths and will soon be rolled out for all our paths. Check out the new learning paths below

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RE: UIM's Lack of Citrix Monitoring with VDI Health Status

The probe became unresponsive and could not access it in the Admin Console b/c ppm probe could not communicate to it when it was querying the VDI's. (was getting java heap memory errors in ppm log) (Case 20027459) I saw the " High Scale Deployment " option for this probe but that brings in a whole level of complexity into the picture