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PPM New UX Status Report not updating

I am working with the #cappmnewux in 15.4.1 and I have created a project, assigned a resource to the tasks from a template through the resourcing and also submitted and posted a timesheet. The project has actuals as shown with this screenshot When I go and create a status report, I can see...

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CA PPM 15.3 - GEL SCRIPT - parsing xml variable

Hello everyone, I can not find a way to deal with the different labels of a XML structure. After executing an #cappmnsql query sb ctrl carga horas : <!-- Generation xog--> < gel: parse var = " xmlQuery " > < q: Query xmlns: q = " " ...

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New to CA Spectrum?[1]

resources for #spectrum9.4.1 If you are new to


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What's New in CA Spectrum 9.4.1

kiran diwakar to learn what's new in the latest...ILoveLamp for the suggested update! *This new


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New format for Privileged Access Manager learning path

a new, interactive learning path format...need it. This new format is now...Check out the new learning paths below. format? Please take a short survey to