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DID YOU MISS IT? Replay of Q3 DX NetOps Roadmap Session

The replay of the Q3 DX NetOps product roadmap session is here. Get a clear view on upcoming # AIOps # networkmonitoring product functionality, features and architectural enhancements. #caspectrum #caperformancemanagement #cavirtualnetworkassurance #canetworkflowanalysis REPLAY: Q3 Broadcom...

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IDC interviewed five of our Infrastructure Monitoring customers - Read the report

View the IDC Report Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Increases Availability, MTTR, and IT Staff Productivity Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research Vice President, for Enterprise System Management Software describes important infrastructure monitoring and management challenges...

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Re: Tech Tip: Using header/footer/join parameters with separate scripts

From the Automation Configuration window, Export tab, Headers and footers sub-tab, I am trying to use Flow header and footer as well as Path Headers and footers. After exporting the test cases into automation scripts the results are as follows: When I select to merge scripts, the Flow header and footer is brought in but no path headers (and footers). When I select separate scripts the path headers (and footers) are brought in but no Flow header and footer

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Plex 6.1 install problem

We have the install files on our network server but don't seem to have the CDs anymore

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Spell MAcro for Request workflow task.

Now when i tested the flow again, ahen 1st task assignee select his S.Manager and approve the status

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RE: Fields Visibility on specific Request Areas

<PDM MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Create Org VDC Network" attr="zVDCNetwork" default="Yes" evt="onChange='toggleFields(this);'"> <script> function toggleFields(selector)( var name txtBox = document.getElementsByName("SET.zVDCNetwork name")[0]; var iprange txtBox = document.getElementsByName("SET.zVDCNetwork iprange")[0]; var subnet txtBox = document.getElementsByName("SET.zVDCNetwork subnet")[0]; if(selector.options[selector.selectedIndex].text === "Yes") ( name = "block"; iprange = "block"; subnet = "block"; ) else ( name = "none"; iprange = "none"; subnet = "none"; ) ) </script>

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RE: Ping URL from UC4

You can use the OS ping command from a JOBS to ping any IP address or hostname you can reach via network means (i.e