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Guide for Migration to Dev test 10.2

Hi All, Currently we are using version LISA version 8 and planning to migrate to version 10 . Do we have a documentation guide for the same to how to carry out Migration #cadevtest10.2 #migrate #devtest8.2

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Auto Delete DB Records

Is there any way to delete DB records automatically(weekly schedule) in #devtest10.2

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DevTest Suite Execution Issue

I connected to my remote registry and Running Suite I am getting "java.sql.SQLException: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!" All the test scripts failed. Devtest Version - 10.2.4 Note:- Same Suite working in my local registry. #devtest10.2 n: java.sql...

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Is there any way to configure Cisco IOS devices to communicate by SSH / SCP in NCM?

Hi, Network Configuration Manager (NCM) according to families brings certain methods of communication by default. All the devices that we need to do this monitoring come in the Cisco IOS family but it only allows two methods of communication as seen in the image. Our client only authorized the...

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How can I create a watch with the "fgHaStatsSerial" attribute?

Hi, I have CA Spectrum V 10.2, i have a situation when a fortigate device make a failover, the device have the same IP adress and model name the difference is in the serial number. I was find a OID ( who evaluates the change of serial number but i try to create...