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 xflow and SSL certificate

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carlos.sainz posted Jan 30, 2023 02:09 AM
Hello all,

Maybe you can give me a tip.

I have replaced the SSL certificate on my SDM servers. So far so good. The new certificate works everywhere (whether SDM classic Gui / Catalog / ITPAM / connections with each other... everything is ok so far.

Only the Xflow does not have it yet. In the configuration files ...\CA\xFlow\APPS\Services\.....\conf\....conf.txt (is the correct casm keystore selected) the correct casm keystore was entered (is also used by the SDM).

I have already deleted the CasmPlayApi under /opt/CA/xFlow/APPS/temp.

Where did I forget something? A support ticket has been opened, but unfortunately I haven't heard anything yet. In two days the old certificate will expire !

Thanks for your effort and help.

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...SSL on xflow was resolved.
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Lindsay Estabrooks
Please share how it was resolved for the benefit of others.
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Broadcom Employee Chi Chen
Maybe something similar to
And again if you can share what was the issue and how you resolved our community will benefit.