Symantec Privileged Access Management

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 We are having a serious problem of Semantec PAM cluster Ver.3.2.4, please help.

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Kazuhisa Takazawa posted Jul 27, 2022 09:04 AM
(1) In customer's cluster environment, they got out of sync of "Credential Manager"as the attached the image.
Then then stop the cluster and move synced site to top and restart the cluster by refering the following URL.

But they get the out of sync of "Credential Manager" again after several days without any changing of the environment.
Anyone please advise how we can solve this problem without version up?
Our cutomer would not like to up using version at this time, because this problem did not occure before a down PAM server.
Version is 3.2.4.

(2) Please advise the state of CAPAM in the following each CAPAM message received by SNMP trap

Snmptrap (regrexp: @SnmpTrap_CAPAM): PROBLEM DETAIL: (2022/06/14 01:32:03 . Normal General event
An administrator has enabled the Xsuite logwatch. GkAppLogwatchStatus Xsuite Logwatch process started. 07 E6 06 0D 10 20 03 00 1830 3)

Snmptrap (regrexp: @SnmpTrap_CAPAM): PROBLEM DETAIL: (2022/06/13 18:43:35 . Normal General event
Credentials Management server is deactivated.ID: cspm1 Address: The PAM's Credentials Management database has been deactivated.
07 E6 06 0D 09 2B 23 00 1827 2 Credentials Management server is deactivated. GkSysCredMgmtStatus Xsuite)

(3) Is there any code list of the code like the "." and "."?
Can we get it in any site?

Thank you for great help.
IIM Takazawa
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Broadcom Employee Ralf Prigl
Hello, PAM 3.2 reached End of Service two years ago, see the PAM Release and Support Lifecycle Dates page. The PAM MIB file can be downloaded from our online documentation, such as page XCEEDIUM-MIB File for PAM 4.1.
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Kazuhisa Takazawa
Dear Ralf-san,
Thank you for your advise.

We know about the EOS. Because we can not be helped for old version I asked to this community.

Even if any solution can nor re provided, could you please advise as spec of the PAM?
Our customer asking the spec. of PAM not only for the ver.3.2.4.
If we could be advised the Spec. we will be helped.
If any information about my questions are any site we want to know it.

Thank you for your great help.
IIM Takazawa
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Broadcom Employee Ralf Prigl
Hi, I'm not sure what Specs you are referring to. Our online documentation has a page for Installation Requirements and Cluster Deployment Requirements. The 8443 port was not needed in 3.2. We don't show pages for 3.2.X releases anymore, because they are too old.