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Nicholas Lorenzen posted Aug 10, 2022 03:56 PM
Our institution is using UC4 and referring to it by UC4.  Will you please tell me what the most recent name of UC4 is and where a good place to go to look for training classes?
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Rick Murray
Are you really using UC4, or are you using AWA and referring to it as UC4?
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Broadcom Knight Peter Grundler
Hi Nicholas,

qSkills (see provides trainings for Automic (aka UC4) since 15+ years, run by certified UC4/Automic/Capture trainers. Although the couses currently are mentioned in german, it is also possible to get an english training.

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Thomas Vanek
Hi Nicholas, many thanks for you question about UC4 aka Automic Trainings. For which Region / Area will the trainings held?. We are a german based company with more than 25 Automic Consultants and Trainer. In our Virtuell Classrooms we are able to held Automic Trainings from Beginner level to expert Level. For Admins, Developer, ... ;-) For Further information you can reach me out at 
Best regards, Thomas
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Broadcom Partner Stefan Lerch
Hi Nicholas
You might want to check out our detailed on-site and virtual training offerings at
Kind Regards
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Broadcom Employee Kaj Wierda
In addition to training classes offered by partners, Broadcom provides free online training materials here: