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 Staffing vs Staffing Plan workspace for resource management

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Lisa Currie posted Aug 17, 2022 12:00 PM
As the Staffing Plan workspace will be no more come May 2023, can anyone point me to useful resources on what can be used instead? I know the Staffing workspace will remain but we don't use that currently (and personally speaking it looks hideous in comparison to Staffing Plan). In our organisation, resource management is controlled. Project Managers can request roles for projects but it is the Resource Manager who allocates a named person and manages the allocations. Can the Staffing workspace support that, or do we need to look at amending our processes?

Any advice gratefully received.

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Broadcom Employee Kathryn Ellis
Hi Lisa,

Yes, the 'Staffing' Workspace can be used by the Resource Manager to fulfill Role Requests.
A saved view can be created using 'current user' 

  • Setup the view:
    • Top: Timeline - use the 'Allocations by Resource' (which includes Roles) layout. 
      • Filter by 'Requested Manager' = 'Current User' - to get a list of allocations for the current users if they are a requested manager 
    • Bottom: Histogram - use the 'Resource Availability' layout. 
      • Filter by 'Manager' = 'Current User' 
      • Optionally, the current user can then add the 'Primary Role' field into the filter to focus on a specific type of role 
  • see the picture below - showing a filtered example
  • Once you have this set up, the Resource Manager can then drag a person, such as 'Justin Hayes' onto the row for one of the allocations, such as 'System Upgrade Release' to perform a replacement of the role request. 

Top Filtered by Requested Manager and Bottom Filtered by Resource Manager