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 Missing Fields after Soap migration V3 to V4

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Michael Frieg posted Feb 02, 2023 08:18 AM

we just updated to Automic v12.3 and had to migrate the Webservices to v4.
I´m now missing the fields "Connection Timeout" and "Read Timeout".
I can't find any entries in the documentation for Soap V4.

Are these gone or just moved to a different spot?

My only idea until now is to set the timeout's within the connection object, but that would mean i had to create multiple of these to get different timeout's.
Or am i missing out on something?
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Broadcom Employee Alexander Trenker Best Answer
Hi @Michael Frieg,

These ​timeout values are on the Web Service REST connection object.

Or on the Web Service REST job:

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Michael Frieg
Hi @Alexander Trenker,

thank you for your Answer. I guess then my only chance is to create multiple connection objects in order to get the different timeouts I need.
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Christoph Rekers

Morning @Michael Frieg,

Keep in mind that usually each CONN-object will be counted as an agent (your licensing model may vary, but at least for the subsciption model it applies)