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 How to check the date and time of administrator approval.

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MARUBUN SUPPORT posted Sep 12, 2023 02:48 AM
Hi Team,
Our customer asked the following question.
When PAM connects to the target server, it makes an application, gets approval from the administrator, and then connects to the server.
I was checking the approval date and time by email, but due to a flaw on the server side, I could not receive this email.
Is there any item where the date and time approved by the administrator can be checked from the PAM management screen or logs?
I think you can see it in the Tomcat log, is that OK?
And in that case, should it be set beyond the details?
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Broadcom Employee Ralf Prigl Best Answer

Hello, This information is found in the Administrative Activities report, which you can launch from Credentials > Reports > Run. Look for Activity "Update" and Type "Password View Request", see an example in the screenshot below. Note that this comes from auditlog entries, which are purged per setting on the Settings > Credential Manager > Auto-Archive page. By default 7 days of logs will be retained, in which case you will only find approvals from within the last 7 days in the report. Target account, requester and approver are shown by ID in the Details column. The User column also should have the approver name. The Rest API or remote CLI can be used to link user and account IDs to names.