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 DUAS Cloud Windows Server Migration - New Hostname / IP

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Yannick Douarche posted May 04, 2023 03:42 AM


We need to move DUAS Windows servers from Windows Server 2012 to 2019.

Servers are hosted on AWS. So no actual upgrade, but brand new servers. With new hostnames et new IP addreses.

For each DUAS, new Win19 server will be provided by sysadmin team with iso software + data and empty DUAS with same node name as source Win12 server.

I'm looking for the best way to restaure backup from source Win12 server on target Win19 - Including live data (like job events...) and minimise node downtime for other nodes (as we have inter-nodes TIH sessions).

I am looking for a reference post or documentation about such operation.

Do you know if such a document exists please ?

Best Regards,


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Domenico Cotugno

Hello Yannick,

There is no officical documentation for such a procedure. However, it is possible. Here is how I would do it:

Before starting, make sure all your ports are open (defaults UVMS=4184, DU=10600) including the ephemeral ports, which are usually closed on AWS. 

- Stop $U on the Windows 2012 server
- Copy the entire directory data directory from the Windows Server 2012 server to the new Windows Server 2019 server's Dollar Universe node, with the following exceptions: u_proxy.dta, u_sync.dta, u_alertrules.dta. 
- Load the $U environment (unienv.bat) on the Server 2012 env
- Run the 'unims -unregister' command on the Server 2012
- On the new Windows Server 2019 instance (after copying the data directory), run the 'unims -register' command after loading the environment. Ex: 'unims -register -host <newhostname> -mshost <newUVMShostname> -msposrt <4184> -login <UVMS admin username> -pwd <UVMS admin password>' 
You will need to replace the values between <>. If your UVMS is unchanged, you should use your existing values.
- Run an offline reorg: %UNI_DIR_EXEC%\unireorg.bat
- Start the node: %UNI_DIR_EXEC%\unistart

Your node should now be running in the cloud. Of course, you shoud always test in a non-production environment before performing such operations in live environments. 

I hope that helps!