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 <DA>:<port>/rest/retired always fails error 413 despite ZERO Retired Devices: what else might be Retired?

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Glenn Weavind posted Jul 29, 2022 07:36 AM
Trying to tidy up old / absent devices in PM, had hoped to use DA/scripts/remove_not_present_items.sh, but this depends on REST call /rest/retired which always fails HTTP 413 (21.2.6 system).  A filtered REST call to DA/rest/devices/filtered searching for Lifecycle.State Retired finds devices - all deleted now - so now returns zero devices.  But /rest/retired *still* fails 413.
Have already increased com.ca.im.item.ws.impl.AutomaticWebServiceManagerImpl.cfg to increase the limit, BUT karaf.log show an estimated count of 126M after the HTTP 413 error.
Q: what else might be in state Retired that is causing the query to return so many items, please?
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Broadcom Employee Jeffrey Pinard
FYI - /rest/retired is not retired devices, it's not present components.

We used to call them retired components.  Then we introduced Retired lifecycle and renamed retired components done via change detection -> Not Present, but the endpoint is still called retired as we are still using Retired facet on these items.

I see you contacted support, so will let support help you further.
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Glenn Weavind
Thanks for the reminder, Jeff.  I now know what to do.