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 C_PERIOD authorizations

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ivrilider611076 posted Aug 16, 2022 02:54 AM
Hi all,

I want to restrict my users from running c_period (Recurring).
I want to use event only.
I tried to make a law in UserGroup but I couldn't find a law that restricts them.
Can someone send me a screenshot how to do this?

Best regards,
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Christoph Rekers
Hi Ivry,

I'm afraid there's no such setting/authorization.

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Broadcom Employee Mike Halliday
**Edit** I just re-read the question.  The C_PERIOD is different to the PERIOD! Apologies for the confusion.  C_PERIOD is not an object but functionality.

I think Christoph is right, there is no restriction on this usage.   You may submit an idea for an enhancement.
I'll leave my original response below for anyone wanting to restrict PERIOD objects. 

You can achieve this in the Authorizations tab for your user or user group.
Add a Row with a "NOT" group in the first column and the Type "PERIOD".  Then select the "X - Execute" permission.  This will supersede any other access granted to allow execution in other groups.
The Execute option in Process Assembly will be greyed out and also removed from the right-click context menu.