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  • 1.  SQL - List of Jobs with latest end time

    Posted Sep 09, 2022 09:04 AM
    Hi All,

    I need to get a list of Jobs with specific App code and latest end time.

    I used following query, however I'm not getting the jobs which are not executed even once as null and I'm getting duplicate entries.

    Please help. It's urgent.

    select oh_name as "Jobname"
    ,(select ah_timestamp4 from ah a where oh_idnr=a.ah_oh_idnr) as "Last Run"
    ,eca_value "Appcode"
    ,jfa_filenamedst "Filename"
    from oh
    left join jfa on jfa_oh_idnr=oh_idnr
    left join ah on ah_oh_idnr=oh_idnr
    left join eca on eac_ah_idnr=ah_idnr
    where oh_otype='JOBF'
    and eca_value='DELL'
    order by 1


  • 2.  RE: SQL - List of Jobs with latest end time

    Broadcom Partner
    Posted Oct 01, 2022 05:44 AM
    Hi Tom,

    a list of completed file transfers can be reported like this:

    select AH_Name as "Jobname",
    AH_TimeStamp4 as "Last run",
    ACA_Value as "Appcode",
    JFA_FileNameDst as "Filename"
    from AH
    left join ACA on (AH_Idnr = ACA_AH_Idnr)
    left join JFA on (AH_OH_Idnr = JFA_OH_Idnr)
    where AH_OType = 'JOBF'
    and ACA_Value = 'eins'
    order by AH_Name;


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