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  • 1.  Set specific status code

    Posted Jan 26, 2023 08:26 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I have a custom attribute in KD factory, and in detail_alg.hmtpl I need to set a specific status on that field.

    I have this:

    form_vars["z_tipo_documento_1"] = nx_unescape('<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=JS2>${args.call_req_id.status:}</PDM_FMT>');

    Question: How can I set a specific status code in this part?

    I tried: form_vars["z_tipo_documento_1"] = nx_unescape('<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=JS2>${args.call_req_id.status.code:z_SOLN_PREV}</PDM_FMT>'); 
    But it does not work.

    Could anyone help me?