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Retrieve Report Path During Process

  • 1.  Retrieve Report Path During Process

    Posted 11 days ago

    Hi guys,
    I have a use case which requires me to retrieve Report Path during run time and process the output file. May I know what's the best way to achieve it via Automic Automation?

    Here's what I have.
    1. My script utilize AppWorx's environmental variable to retrieve the STDOUT path
    2. The script then looks for "PROCESS_SUCCESS" to determine if the run is successful or not

    I tried this report script below to retrieve the output file hoping to manually define STDOUT to point to &FILENAME#. The problem that I come across is that the PREP_PROCESS_REPORTLIST() can only be used in post processing.

    : PRINT

    Is there anyway where I can define the Report path during Run time or is there a way where I can write a report to a certain directory. I tried the external output file but it didn't work for me.