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  • 1.  Poor Automic database Performance U00003533

    Posted 14 days ago


     It has been pointed out to us, that we have a database performance issue based on the below AE log entry (all entries are similar).

     20230314/085622.531 - 20230228/233418.438 - U00003533 UCUDB: Check of data source finished: No errors. Performance CPU/DB: '29047518'/'87 (1000/11.440038 s)'

     Our production environment AE servers are Windows 2016 and the database is MS SQL 2019.

     Our production environment has always been below 100.  Our non-production is around 350 to 400. 

     Broadcom has been involved and pointed out that the DB has an issue with the IO as the rollback/commit is far too slow. 

     This is our connection string in the usrv.ini: sqlDriverConnect=ODBCVAR=NNNNNNRN,DSN=automic;UID=automicuser;PWD=­­101938AD27E8CD9B6;Mars_Connection=Yes

     We are using mssql-jdbc-8.4.1.jre8.jar

     Both AE and database servers are on a 172.26.x.x subnet and tracert is 3 hops to the server.

     Per the DBA, the database server and AE servers operates within the norms of our network.


    I am looking to see if anyone else had an issue where the database performance number this low and what steps was done to increase the number.

  • 2.  RE: Poor Automic database Performance U00003533

    Posted 9 days ago

    Let me also ask this questions.  Is the IP address of your AE database and AE servers matches the network part 192.168.x.x and is your DB stats at least greater than 300?  I understand if the first three octet matches, that would be best, but does it make that much of an improvement vs. matching only the first two octet?