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Job waiting forever for process to start

  • 1.  Job waiting forever for process to start

    Posted Oct 02, 2023 02:00 PM

    We are on AM 9.4.1 and Banner RA 4.1.0. Recently we have a Banner job submitted from AM and keeps waiting overnight.

    I set radebuglevel=99 and the log shows "waiting for process" takes almost 10 hours.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Is it something on AM that I need to clean up, or it on the Banner side?

    Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion or clue !


    Executing program script 
    09/26/23 18:22:24.383 Thread-369: BannerAgentImpl: getOSType (entry)
    09/26/23 18:22:24.383 Thread-369: BannerAgentImpl: (exit) Returning:Linux
    09/26/23 18:22:24.383 Thread-369: BannerJob: Execute command
    09/26/23 18:22:24.385 Thread-369: BannerJob: Wait for process
    09/27/23 05:49:33.428 Thread-369: BannerJob: Returned from running Banner command
    09/27/23 05:49:33.428 Thread-369: BannerJob: RUN Set thread value
    09/27/23 05:49:33.428 Thread-369: BannerJob: Thread RUN CIT_COMPONENT_KILLED?false
    Process execution complete
    Results from command:
    Return code:0